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    A Sculpture is a memory, its a picture, a moment of imagined fantasy, its a new world of thought opened to the mind. I want to give the world more than just a recognizable shape. I want to give them a perspective of my art in every detail of my sculptures. My goal is to put a piece of my soul in each of my works. -Jordan Anderson-
    "The art of carving dates as many years as the history of man on earth. It is a unique expression of presenting the most beautiful features of nature in a detailed and wonderful way. We are all little artists in our own creative way, but there are some among us that are pure genius. Jordan Anderson is one of them" (MU)
    I started small and young and through hard work, dedication and unique imagination it became something of a dream, having to work with many people, including celebrities like Sarah Palin and Nancy Merkowski (Lisa Merkowski's mother). Wood Sculpting is a vision of a fantasy, a life that exists in our imaginations, a life that we must keep alive through art.
    I grew up in a small town in Minnesota, USA, located on Lake Pokegama where I quickly learned to appreciate the wonders of nature by fishing, hunting, and camping in the Northland. While at home, after the hunting and fishing season passed, I would reflect my experiences in the field by sketching wildlife such as deer, bears, eagles, fish, wolfs, and others. At age 11 I went on my first trip to Alaska with my family and friends. This was a special trip because I always wanted to see Alaskan wildlife up close.
    We all enjoyed observing sea life on a tour out of Homer, Alaska Such as Seals, Sea Otters, and a beautiful pod of Orca Whales. I then begin to put my imagination and Alaska’s wildlife together on a sketchpad. Though my sketching was enjoyable I lost my enthusiasm for artwork at age 16. I still sketched on occasion but only once a year until our family moved to Alaska later on in 2003.
I worked most of my childhood building custom log homes with my father. He taught My brothers and I how to handle wood working tools, and how wood can respond to different cuts. I had learned the art of handling a wood carving tools.
    Later on, I met an individual who carved bears with a chainsaw. I thought to myself at the time, "I know how to use a chainsaw, why not try to carve Alaska wildlife?"
    A few wood chips later I had my first wood carving. It was an Orca Whale wood carving 14 foot long and 3 ft. thick. It's still my largest wood carving to date. I carved a few more wood sculptures, then I had a month to display my work at a popular coffee shop in Anchorage.
    A couple from Wasilla, Ak was interested in my work and wanted me to carve a couple of bear carving for them. These were my first custom sculpture orders. I then started my custom sculpture and chainsaw carving business called Jordan's Custom Sculptures.
    In the past couple years I have carved many unique pieces for people to fit their needs. I have done everything from bears holding custom signs, elaborate benches, to interior wall carvings. From exterior landmark sculptures to community art projects. Dog portraits, sea-life carvings and sports mascots, I have just about done it all.
    Bottom line is this Is Sculpture. I started Sculpting because its an experience and its a fight with the mind to hold back, or move forward. For the most part wood sculpture is about subtraction and depth perception. One must be in constant training to execute a recognizable sculpture. A humble student if you will. Then the point comes where that recognizable shape needs detail, perspective, and imagination. Sculpture should be something to observe and study, to be photographed with friends and family, and be a piece of fantasy on your property or in your home. Sculpture Is a memory, its a statement, a famous quote. Its to be shared and enjoyed for a lifetime.
   I could have never imagined all of that happening but now I sculpt for people all over the world.

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